Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Angels Wings

Last week I was driving the school bus, I'm a relief driver for the school.
I love driving the bus, it is a 12 seater and the kids a fantastic bunch of kids.
It means my days are long with an early start, I'm at school for 7.50am to pick up the bus from school I go towards Pleasant Point and pick one girl them in to Temuka where I pick the most of the other kids then the last stop is in Washdyke to pick up the last girl. Then it is all done in reverse after school, it is about a 90ks a day (morning and afternoon).
I have to be super organised with lunches and kids etc, but it is so worth it, driving at this time of year on a clear and crisp morning with the views of the mountains, they are just breath taking.
God's creation is so magnificent, and you can't help but praise him.
Last Wednesday afternoon after I had dropped most of the kids in Temuka, then I was on my way to drop the last girl off and something went wrong with the bus.
Now I'm no mechanic I knew it was a wheel, so I pull over and check the tyres, no flats so I decide to crawl to the drop off house about 3k away, I go inside and talk to the Dad (he knows about cars) and I get him to have a look and he takes it for a drive and he tells me that he thinks it fine to drive back into town but it will need looking at because something isn't right.
So anyway I drive it back into town, I drop Samuel off at Keas because we are late by now, then I go back to school.
The noise coming from the bus a real grinding noise and the feel of it was very frightening, when I finally got back to school there is smoke coming out from around the front drivers side tyre.
Anyway what had happened was a wheel bearing had blown and it had destroyed the axle and nobody knows how I got home, the wheel is so lose, there must have been angels with us as we came home.
So the bus is still parked up at school awaiting parts to arrive so it can be fixed.
So Last Thursday after been so busy (Mon, Tues and Wed) and with the bus, I just blobbed on the couch.
I finished reading 'Good Woman' by Danielle Steele then I started reading 'The Luck One' by Nicholas Sparks, knitted some of Darian's jersey, chatted online to fellow crafter. Just a lazy day.
 Friday afternoon at school we have started (last Friday was the first) a communtity craft and coffee group, we met in the library, we bring our current projects. I'm looking forward to this Friday, it's a great way to get to know other parents.
On Saturday Savannah had her first Netball game of the season in the pouring rain, then I when to church to help make mother's day gifts for our mother at mainly music, we made wee posies but as crafty as I am, I can't do flowers so the others arranged while I covered the oasis, I did also made some flowers out of curling ribbon and net for the girls to place in them.
Sunday I had a great Mother's day, breakfast in bed, then we went to church. The family cooked all the meals and I had control of the remote and I watched 'Sound of Music' I love it and I sing along much to my family disgust. 
I haven't done a lot of crafting or should I say papercrafting this week, my craftroom flooded on Saturday evening in the heavy rain that we had, it wasn't too bad and we had pulled up the carpet and got everything off the floor.
But now I have to get in there and sort it out before I can create again, I did do a little bit today, so I hope to be all by sorted tomorrow.
So instead I have been knitting a jersey for Darian, I bought the wool in Dunedin Easter weekend and I have done the back and have nearly completed the sleeves (I always knit my sleeves together).
It's a very simple pattern and it grows very quickly with only 6 rows to the pattern, I don't know how many times I have knitted this pattern, it is a favourite of mine.
Funnily enough the pattern is for a jersey for 2 years - 8 years size, I have just increased it to a adults size.
All the kids in our family have had a jersey knitted in this pattern before LOL.

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  1. WOW Helen, someone was definitely watching over you that day. Mechanics is a fickle thing always, butt to get thru that still intact....hats off to you darl. Please take care of you and I hope your crative space is sorted soon. ooxx