Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holiday Mode

We are still in holiday mode here.
I haven't done any craft, in fact I don't have a craftroom at the moment it has been a bedroom.
I will be fixing that problem this week.
We have just been relaxing, enjoying great family times and memories been made.
I have been reading and time spent on pinterest, I have lots of ideas for this coming year.
I was talking about new years resolutions in my last post.
This years resolution is to lose weight, drink more water and be healthier.
Here's a few photos taken this week.
 The kids at Dashing Rocks.
 Paul and Savannah had a day trip to Mt Nimrod on Thursday.
View from the top of Mt Nimrod.
 This is Abi Kempf a friend from church, sing in the semi finals talent show at Caroline Bay Carnival.
 We took our tea down to the bay and watched the talent show, Abi sang beautifully.
 Samuel on the Inflatable play equipment.
Darian in the dogdems at the carnival.
Paul is back at work on Monday so life will go back to more normal.
Savannah has a week till she go to Guide Jamboree in Rotorua, she is getting excited.


  1. Fab photos Helen - beautiful scenery. I did a giggle at the pic of your son on the dodgems... they are ours!!!! (In my other life I am a carnie/gypsy!!!)

  2. Wow Helen. I am so glad that you haev had some 'down time'. The pics you have shared are wonderful. Love "dinner" on teh lawn....??roast chook (or cake...hard to tell by the pic) and S & V chips...hee hee hee. Look forward to seeing many of your wonderful creations. All the best with those resolutions.