Wednesday, April 3, 2013

In Bed Crocheting

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For the last week I have not been very well, so no papercrafting has been done.
I spent Easter weekend in bed with a crochet hook and wool while watching movies.
 I created 2 flower brooches, and 2 hats and there is a third one in process.
 This hat I crocheted last year but it needed a flower to brighten it up.
Here's the Rose Brooch that I crocheted for it.
The wool is a Merino Blend, the colours are ab fab, island indigo, elegant eggplant, more mustard, melon mambo, Always Artichoke to name a few. 
Isn't it funny how I see colours through Stampin' Up eyes. 
Do you do this also?
 Here's a hat I have crocheted for Dad.
 Here's the second flower brooch I made, I made them into brooches so they can be interchangeable.
The cream wool is left over from the hat I crocheted last year.
This is a very large flower, I love it.
 The hat is real red, I have worn it a lot since finishing it the other day.
Here's my blogging assistant this morning, Ambrosia.
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break.


  1. Lovely hats. Hope you are on the mend now.

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