Friday, January 8, 2010


I would like to introduce you to my latest creations. I have made these puppets for our church.
 Paul (husband) is one of the puppeteer.

During the week that Savannah and Samuel were in Christchurch. Paul and I made this new puppet stage, they had been using our lounge curtains over a pole on a pair of screens. It will be so nice not to have to take down our curtains everytime they do a performance. The stage is a 3 tiered, made up from old velvet curtains.
I look forward to seeing them perform in it on the 17th and 31st January @ Life Church Timaru, Morgans Road 10am you all welcome if you are in Timaru..

 This is Angus Jock McDougal.
 My sister Sandra named him when she saw me making him said with hair like that he had to be Scottish, so hence the name.

This is Jenn.
Jenn is very trendy, her hair is blonde with pink and purple highlights. She has a nose stud and large silver earrings and pendant. I made her top out of a small scrap of fabric and am very pleased with the result.
I enjoyed making both these puppets, there is about 40 - 50 hours work in a puppet. Both these puppets are rod arm puppets, you get a feel of the character of the puppet as you are making them. the church now has 4 puppets plus Paul's own puppet a human arm puppet, the first puppet that Julie (friend) and I ever made in 1998. He is named Lance Caster ( named after Lancaster Park, Canterbury's rugby stadium just after it changed to Jade Stadium, now AMI Stadium)

All 5 puppets.
From left: Lance, Erin, Jenn, Fraser and Angus.


  1. Helen, these are fabulous! I'm just sorry we live so far from Timaru - it would be lovely to see them in action!

  2. wow - you are one very talented lady. your puppets look like they were brought from a shop. your church is very blessed to have them as part of the congregation. maybe they could go on tour around the country one day.

  3. How clever you are! Those are fantastic.

  4. These are just awesome... you are so talented.