Monday, May 3, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

This is the 2nd award I recieved today.
The Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely and very talented Karen Rogers.

Now I must pass the award on to another 10 Beautiful Blogs AND tell you 10 things about myself.  So without further to do and in no particular order, here are the 10 Beautiful Blogs of 10 beautiful people!

1.  Bron Heslop
2.  Paula Dobson
3.  Tracey Old
4.  Lisa Bullock
5.  Julia Leece
6.  Sarah Gough
7.  Debbie Lamb
8.  Keryn Campbell
9.  Debbie Airey
10. Danielle Daws

This is the hard part, 10 things about me.
1.  Happily Married to Paul (21 years)
2.  Stay at home mother to 3 wonderful kids, Darian (14), Savannah (12) and Samuel (5)
3.  I'm a Christian.
4.  Craft lunatic.
5.  Love been a Stampin' Up Demonstrator.
6.  On the mainly music team (preschool music).
7.  I don't watch much TV now because I'm blog surfing.
8.  I was born in Hull, England.
9.  I spent my 3rd birthday in Taihiti (I can't remember it but it sounds impressive).
10. I love to bake.

There you have it, a bit more info on me.
Thanks Karen for awarding me with this award.


  1. Congratulations & deservedly so I might add - good to get a few tidbits about you too

  2. Thankyou so much, Helen! My favourite tidbit about you is number 4... lol :-)