Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sewing all Week

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Here's what I have been sewing this week.
 This is my dress that I have made for the 2 weddings we have next month.
I first saw this fabric in June, but it was too pricey for my budget.
Then when I was in the same shop in July they had 50% off all fabric, so I had to buy it.
The second wedding dress code is cocktail or semi formal so I added some bling in the form of a buckle.
Here's the handbag I made to match, I saw a bag like this on pinterest and knew that I could make it.
I played with a scrap of fabric to get it right, the local kindy will get that bag for dress ups.
The flower is a brooch so it can be removed and worn with other things.
This is my bargain of the week.
I have big problems getting shoes, I have big feet, long and wide.
I looked in Number 1 and they didn't have anything, so I went to Hannahs expecting to pay big dollars.
Too my surprise they had some shoes reduced to clear, I only paid $19.95 for them and they tone in so well with my dress.
I have made flowers to clip on to them to dress them up.
I have also finished Samuel's clothes for the weddings.
He wanted the dicky bow tie, so we bought that first then went hunting for fabric to make his waistcoat.
The trousers are navy and the shirt is cream.
He looks very spunky and grown up in them.
They kids are back to school tomorrow, so we will be back to our regular routines.
Have a great week.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Have Been Bitten .....

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By the sewing bug.
This last week I have made 3 skirts, 3 tops, a dress for Savannah.
I have also got PJs cut out for Samuel.
Next I have to make a dress for me and top for Savannah for the two wedding in November.
 My Machine has been out most of last month making 3 puppets.
 These guys are jet setting to India on Saturday with 3 men from our church going on a missions trip.
 There is between approx 40 to 50 hours work in making one of these guys.
 I love making them, you can feel their personality's growing while been created.  
This morning in church we prayed with the team going and Paul (DH) did a performance.
Steve is going to make them passports and each time they go on a missions trip it will recorded.