Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Order

I did my first order today, it went well. But it did time out on me, when my 4 year old boy Samuel distracted me, but got there in the end all's well that ends well. Then I got some paperwork done.

Samuel got hold the camera while I was working and took the photo of me at the computer, not a bad photo. Then he asked me to take a photo of him. Then he went and took a series of photos and videos most of them I have deleted, some of them are fine. I will have to get him to scrapbook them. He is a bit of a character and gets away with it sometimes as he is our youngest. I will have to get him to show me how to video on our camera as I don't know how to do that. Haven't had time to any craft today. I got some sewing done yesterday. Tomorrow I have got a couple of friends coming over to do some card making.

1 comment:

  1. Well done on placing your first order. I had to laugh while reading your post. Our 3 and a half year old has taken to photography as well. We have just bought him his very own kid friendly digital camera.