Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Loving Top Note Die

Love it, Love it, Love it.
 My Big Shot of cause, especially the Top Note Die (which is exclusive to SU).
Email me to order yours.
 I saw a Top Note Rag Purse on Lynn Pratt's Blog, she has the tutorial for sale (I looked at her photos and worked it out.) I knew I just had to made one (I needed a new bag, when don't we.)
It's a nice size, but if you want it bigger you just add more Top Notes.
I'm already thinking about other bits of Fabric that I have got to make another one or two.
 I made it out of some fabric that I had cut out a shirt (long time ago) for Paul (DH) and had never got around to sewing it, sorry Paul. I cut out 4 Top Notes (48 in total so fast to do, when you can cut them 4 at time)  and Quilted them together.
I added an extra pocket on the outside. The handle are strip of ripped fabric plaited and I added a tab and a button for fastening.

My Son Darian (14) has just arrived home from been at his Youth Pastor's house were him and some of the other youth have been helping Elliot rip out a chimmey, here is a photo of him.
He has had a great day and he wasn't anywhere near a computor or playstation.


  1. Love your bag, Helen - that shabby chic look is so cool! I agree with Karen - you're one talented lady!