Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puff 'n' Snuff....

...Blast from the past.
One of the challenges at Unconvention was a Punch Art Challenge.
Now you probably know I don't do a lot of Punch Art, it doesn't normally smoke my tyres as a rule.
 I had been blurfing (blog surfing) as you do, and I came across Tami White's Dragon Punch Art card.
I had saved in my CASE file, so when we were asked to do a punch art card I knew what to do straight away.
Here's my 'Puff 'n' Snuff' card.
Can you remember that TV Show, I loved it but I was scared of Witchy Poo and would sit with hands over my eyes and peek through my fingers LOL.
I think he is just gorgeous.
He has been embossed with the Square Lattice Embossing folder, you have to love it, it's so versatile.


  1. hi Helen, oh how cute i love him, i love the way you have used the E/F to do his scales

  2. Helen, this is such a cool dragon! I love the way you've added his 'smoke' - is that sponging? I bet Samuel thinks he's cool too!

  3. Oh WOW Helen, this is awesome and just the idea I need for a 3yr old boy...Thanks for sharing

  4. I loved "Puff n Stuff" as a kid and I love your card. Will definitely have to put this in my CASE file! He is so cute Helen ♥

  5. I think we are both showing our age with knowing that show....LOL!!! Great card Helen. I LURVE punch art....I smoke so much with my love of it I burn rubbah!!! Thanks for sharing the link...will definitely check it out. Perfect kids card. ooxx

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