Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Secert Sister Swap

The other day I showed you what I recieved from my Secert Sister, I told you that I thought I knew who my SS was well I was right with my guess it was Debbie Dawson go check out her blog HERE, Debbie does lots of beautiful quilts.
My SS was the lovely Julia Leece, who I met at The Big Day Out in Auckland in August.
Julia favourite colours are Black, Red and White, her favourite chocolate is Pineapple Lumps.
So it is Pineapple Lumps inside the gift.
This is the card I made her.
Heres the inside, I used the 'Faith in Nature' Hostess Stamp Set.
 I made Julia this gorgeous reversible handbag, Julia loves handbags.
 I used Timeless Portait Fabric.
 Heres a close up of the clasp, I love these buttons which I got from a local shop.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my gifts Helen!!! I knew by the quality of both the sewing and the card that is was YOU!! I love the way you decorate the inside of the card so lovely as well as the outside AND the envelope! thank you thank you thank you!!!xxxx

  2. Haha - you nailed Julia perfectly, Helen. The colours, the projects, the sweets - all Julia. Love them.

  3. Your talent is amazing Helen. Is there nothing you cannot do?? I do like the reversible bag v v much...and I am not really a bag gal. The card rocks big time too. ooxx