Friday, January 31, 2014

What's Black, White and Red?

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Our team swaps from our team meeting on Wednesday evening.
We did 2 1/2 inch squares like we did at our Christmas team meeting.
I haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet.
These squares from top left were made by
Jo Bitmead, Manda Hill, Anita Smalley
Jan Dwight, Me and Carolyn Bushby.
 Patty Wonder, Maria Henderson, Gail Ruddle.
Sharyn Robertson, Angela Meirtz-Reid and Alison Hydes.
Alice Wilson, Vanessa Manning and Lisa Johnson.
Sonia Cullen, Donna Head and Rebecca McHaffie.
Jenny Morgan, Marilyn Meadows and Rachel Morgan
Robyn Frost, Trina Leeston and Carolyn Swift.
I will show what I do with them when I have decided what I'm going to do them.
I did the Make 'N' Take for the team meeting, I will show tomorrow.


  1. Hello Helen They all look great. My square isin the 2nd block from top bottom Rcorner.
    Marilyn Meadows is in the last block middle of top row.

  2. The one above Sonia's (the heart) was made by Alice.