Sunday, June 6, 2010

Light Tent

I have been busy this weekend.
I have been making 14 swaps for a Team Meeting on Wednesday evening, I will blog them later in the week.
I have changed my blog appearance. Do you like it? There is a link at the top to the website to customise your blog.
 And today after church Paul (DH) and I made a Light Tent. 
A few weeks ago as I was blog hopping I came across Renee (SU Demo in Canada) her husband had made her a Light Tent and there was a link to the instustions. So click here for the instuctions. We had the pipes at home already, we needed to buy the joiners it was money well spent as it is hard getting perfect photos especially now we are in the winter months. So now I will have to play around with my camera to get the settings just right.
Here is my first photo using my LT.
This is sneak peek of my swaps that I have been working on.
Our brief was to use the Big Shot, new In Colours and Stamps from the current 2009 - 2010 Catalogue.


  1. love the new look I too use an oldie LeeLou template - your swaps look great - look forward to seeing them in there glory

  2. Helen, I think your new blog look rocks! I like your light tent, too - very techo. You'll be all set for winter!

  3. Gorgeous new blog Helen! Made me think of changing mine! Your light tent is a great idea too. I struggle to take good photos in winter as well.