Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden Photos As...

Top left: Inside glasshouse 7 tomato plants. Middle: Glasshouse closeup of tomato and cucumber plants. Right: 3 rows of potatoes.
Bottom left: 3 rows of corn, beetroot and 2 rows of carrots and 1 row of radishes, which I sowed on Saturday. Middle: Mint, black berry brush, chives. Right: Silver Beet and red cabbage.
Top left: Spring onions, Gooseberry bush, there are 3 of them last summer we got 7kgs of them.
Middle: Lettuces. Right: More lettuces.
Bottom Left: Broccoli. Middle: Cabbages. Right: Cauliflowers.
Top Left: Grapevine (Red). Middle: Black Boy Peach Tree, we got heaps of peaches last year, we are still enjoying the jam made from them, with strawberries around the bottom Samuel watering them. Right: Cabbages.
Bottom Left: Rhubarb. Middle: Apricot and Pink Peonies. Right: Yellow Bearded Iris.
Top Left: Maroon Tree Peonies. Middle: Deep Pink Tree Peonies. Right: Peonies and Camellias.
Bottom Left: Chatham Island Lillies Blue. Middle: Yellow Buttercup and Bull Rushes in one of our fish ponds. Right: Yellow Iris.
It has been Labour Day here in New Zealand, so for most people a long weekend. 
The weather has been great, we have enjoyed our weekend and a far bit of time in the garden.
We have had 2 new additions to the household this last week, Our Canaries have had 2 chicks.
They had laid 4 eggs but we found 2 broken on the bottom the cage. 
So I had to search the net on what to feed canary chicks, so I have hard boiled eggs and mixed them with grated carrots and have had to boil their seed.
The kids are loving watching them, it has been interesting watching them.
Hope you all had a great weekend, have a great week.

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