Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Tip # 2

Hi everyone.
Can you believe it is Tuesday again, we are nearly through the school holidays.
I love the school holidays, no timetables or routine to meet. I often get up check to see if Samuel (5) needs anything brekkie etc, then I make my brekkie and cuppa and head back down to bed with the paper were I do the puzzles, then I read a chapter or 2 maybe 3 or 4 of my book and get up somewhere before midday.
Oh the life of it. 
Tuesday's Tip.
When you are using the Handheld 1/16" (2mm) Circle Punch and you need to see where you are punching the hole. 
Like in this Card.
I wanted the hole in the centre of the flower to place the Rhinstone Clear Brad.
To see the hole lift the cover where the punch outs get collected and you can see through.
Then Punch.
This is not my idea I think I read it on someones blog, sorry I can't remember where if it was you Thanks.
Enjoy the rest of school holiday (NZ).
We are planning a day in the garden tomorrow, planting veges, we prepared the plots on Monday.
Today we went and bought the plants and spend a few hours on the beach as it was so nice today.
We have been very blessed with beautiful spring weather for these holidays.


  1. Great tip & so obvious (duh) TFS :)

  2. You just made me get my punch out! I didn't even know there was a cover!!!! Thanks Helen, I now have a miilion pieces to vacuum up, lol

    Great tip - TFS

  3. I love your Tuesday tips, Helen! Have a lovely day planting the vege garden. I think Samuel could teach James and Ollie a little about 'morning independence'! :-)

  4. well, i never knew thought of doing this, so thanks for the hint, will make it so much easier to line it up.