Thursday, July 21, 2011

Filling In Time Shopping

It's school holidays here in NZ.
Yesterday the van was at the mechanics getting the suspension fixed, so Samuel, Savannah and myself had to fill in time shopping.
First we did jobs that needed doing, then Samuel went to the barbers for a haircut.
He thinks he is pretty cool with the Mohawk.
We had Subway for lunch.
Then we went shoe shopping, Samuel needed new sneakers (trainers), Savannah got some boots and I got myself a pair off shoes also.
 Her boots are Riding Hood Red, they a beautiful but 1 size too small for me, isn't that sad.
 When we got home we made some earrings to match them, using the Jewellery Tag Punch and Tiny Tags Stamp Set.
On Saturday Samuel, Dad and Myself went to see Cars 2, it was a great movie, Samuel is so into cars at the moment. 
He was looking through some of Darian's (big brother) play station games and found a cars computer game, so he wants to play it all the time now.


  1. Racy red boots and earrings!!! Gorgeous. Why is it in the holidays the kids have to get their hair cut??? My grandson has had his cut - he wanted a mowhawk so I guess he looks a bit like Samuel - awesome dude!!!

  2. Oh yeah, I think Samuel looks really cool! Love the red boots and matching earrings - can't go wrong with red!