Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Christchurch Visit

Friday Savannah, Samuel and myself went to Christchurch.
On Saturday I held a craft day in Christchurch.
We were smaller in numbers this time, but we all had a great day.
The day was a cold day so it was a great day to be inside where it was nice and warm spending the day crafting.
While we were crafting Samuel and Grandad spent the day together, they had McDonald's for lunch, then they fed the ducks, visited the air force museum and parked at the back of the airport to watch planes comings and going.
We made the same projects, as the ladies who attended the Jamboree Fundraiser Crop which you can view in this post HERE.
Sunday we went to church, then had a family day (both my sisters and Jessica my niece) we played games all afternoon, lots of fun and laughter was had by all.
We had dinner at the George's ( Savannah's Godparents), Mark cooked a lovely roast dinner.
We had a lovely evening, as we were going home to Granny and Grandad's house, it was starting to snow and it was laying on the parked cars.
Samuel was so excited and didn't want to come inside.
This is what we woke up too, about 6" of snow.
Samuel wanted be outside as he got up, but I said he had to have breakfast first.
 So breakfast was quickly got out the way, he woke his sister then they headed outside to play.
 I stayed in bed with breakfast and a book.
 I did got outside for a bit, but I had only packed my boots which are not the best in the snow, so I didn't stay out for long.
 We didn't pack gumboots, so Samuel is sporting the plastic shopping bag over his sneakers and gloves.
 Savannah is making a snowman.
 Here is the finished snowman named Darian after their brother as he stayed in Timaru with Dad, and they got 2 seconds of snow if you blinked you missed it in Timaru.
Here's my favourite photo.
After lunch they went for a walk with Auntie Heather and Jessica and helped with the building of an igloo in the park.
Then we got the slides and protector out and had a afternoon watching slides of a great mixture of pics, some of them were of England and our voyage over on the ship and scout camps and of Liethfield Beach where we used to camp in the 70's.
It was a great afternoon with lots of memories.


  1. Sounds like you had fun in ChcH with the unexpected snow fall. We waited and waited for it to come and got nothing!

  2. What gorgeous photo's to scrapbook. A very memorable trip, by the looks of things.