Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry all I had set this up to prepost on Saturday, I don't know why it didn't?
We had a great weekend even though I have had hick ups with my travel, I will fill you in tomorrow when I get home.
I'm staying with Bron Heslop this weekend in Auckland.
Here's what I have made for her 2 boys.
 I have made some puzzles for them using Choo Choo and Animal Stories Stamp Sets, both of these sets are retiring.
 Jamies is 6, he is 6 weeks older than our Samuel, Ollie is 4.
 I put them into cellophane bags and made Top Note toppers for them.
Samuel wanted to come with me to Auckland so he could play with James and Ollie, I have promised him that I will take him to Auckland some other time.
Thanks Bron for everything you did for me.
Your boys are gorgeous.

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  1. These are such a good idea, thank you Helen! The boys obviously thought so too, as they sat down immediately to put them together. Bet your family will be pleased to see you home....