Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is your Life....

...Mrs Dillon.
 Mrs Dillon was Darian and Savannah's Principal at Bradford School Dunedin.
About 2 ago weeks there was a comment on my blog to email Mrs Mitchel-Bain (D & S's new entrant teacher).
When Mrs MB replied she told us that Mrs D was leaving Bradford School and they were doing a farewell for her with a this is your life component to it and wondered if Darian or Savannah would like to be involved.
They jumped at the opportunity to get to Dunedin to catch up with old friends.
It was originally planned for last Tuesday, but it was postsponded because of the snow, the kids were very disappointed, but Friday was arranged for the night..
So on Friday D and S had the day off school, we travelled down after dropping Samuel of at school (he stayed at his friend's Ashley in Temuka and had a birthday party to go yesterday).
We had a great night and a good time catching up with old friends.
Thanks Mrs D for all the input into all our life's, you will be sorely missed at Bradford.
We wish all best for your move to Christchurch and for your new job at Merrin School, they are getting a wonderful principal.
Thanks Mrs MB for contacting us, and we wish you all the best as you try to fill Mrs D's shoes or should I say boots. You will make a great principal.

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  1. I actually saw that req for contact on one of ur posts Helen. It looks like a fab time was had by all. Pity abt the snow...but looks like there was enuf love in the room to warm all. ooxx