Friday, September 2, 2011

As Promised

I have promised to come back and tell you about my travels to and from Auckland last weekend.
On Friday going to Christchurch Airport we got held up in traffic and I was the last passenger to arrive, and I had been bumped off.
They had taken 3 seat away, so a nice man booked me on the next flight and gave me a voucher for a coffee.
So I had an extra 1 1/2 hour wait for my flight., but I still arrived on the same day that I was meant to be there.
The lovely Bron and 2 gorgeous pjamma \clad boys picked me up from the airport.
Saturday we had AB FAB day, there was some great demos and everyone got to play with lots of new products.
Here's another Flower Pot Card.
 For this card I have used all the new In Colours 2011-2013.
I love them all but my favourite is Calypso Coral.
On Sunday I went to church with Bron and family, it was great and so welcoming.
We had a quick lunch then headed to the airport.
We arrived about 2 - 5 minutes late for check in for the flight and they had closed the check in.
So cut a long story short I had to join air points, then had to buy a Standby ticket.
I went from one departure gate to the next all Sunday afternoon, all the flights were full but some were getting on them. 
Bron was waiting also incase I didn't get on a flight, which I didn't that day, so I had another night at Bron's.
Now I had to be back at the airport for 9am, but as you will be well aware that is impossible when you are an hour away from the airport and you have kids that need to be at school and preschool.
So Bron and I got up at 5am Monday and were on the road by 5.20am heading for the airport.
It was just as well I had a good book with me to read while waiting.
On Sunday there had been a Jetstar flight to CHCH cancelled so there were lots of passengers stranded.
10am flight went by so did the 11am and 12noon there was standby passengers getting on them, but Katherine and myself who had been waiting since Sunday were still waiting.
After the 12noon flight left with standbys on, I got very frustrated to say the lest and I was very vocal about been there since Sunday.
The staff heard me and spoke to Katherine and myself about trying his hardest to get us on the next flight.
So the 1pm flight arrived all the passengers boarded then 2 more did yes Katherine and myself were on that flight.
I was meant to be travelling back to Timaru on the early morning Intercity Bus, which I missed due to been on standby, my Mum had phoned Intercity to say I would be on the bus.
They got me to fax through my Standby docoments and my fare was transfered for Tuesday.
When I got home in the post was this TShirt.
I so needed that on Sunday and Monday in the Auckland airport. LOL
So that's how I lost a day this week.
Have a great weekend.


  1. What an adventure you had Helen. Was good that you had Bron to stay with. Can't wait to see what you did in Auckland.

  2. Glad you made it home ok - a story to tell the grandkids hey!! I love that t-shirt, and yes would have been perfect for the standby lounge....

  3. Oh Helen what a nightmare!!! I thought my escapades were enough but, wow, your experience beats mine hands down!!! It was so lovely to meet you and it certainly was a fab day on Saturday!!

  4. What an experience dear Helen!!! I must say...I have heavily sussed out the link you left on FB with these T-shirts...and I love them!! They even have one for scrappers!!! too cool. Bestie and I are sorted for Chrissy...LOL!!! Thanks so v v much. ooxx