Sunday, March 4, 2012

Yesterday's Lego Party

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Here's Samuel's Lego Party yesterday.
I made this board with the number 7 on it, it sat in our front window and we used it in the group photo.
 Above is the serious and below the funny photo.
 The invitations can be found in this blog post HERE.
Here's the Lego Ice Cream Cake.
Ice Cream Cake Recipe
Whip 500mls of Cream
Fold in a tin of Condensed Milk
Add 3 -4 crushed Crunchies.
Pour into a silicone mould.
The day before the birthday I whip cream with food colouring to ice the cake then pop back into freezer.
Afternoon Tea.
 Lego Biscuits.
 Happy Birthday, 6 candles blown out with the first breathe, so one girlfriend this year.
Now let the games begin.
 Treasure hunt, there is small chocolates inside these Lego blocks that I made.
I made these Lego dudes lollypops for the treasure hunt and loot bags.
Build the tallest tower in 2 minutes.
There is 21 pieces of  Lego in each bag, the rules were that the tower had to be able to stand by itself.
 This Amane she build the the tallest tower.
 Place the mouth on the Lego dude.
 Guess how many Lego pieces in the jar, there was 43 pieces in this jar.
 Here's a notebook that I altered to look like a Lego block, these were for the loot bags. 
I got these notebooks from the Warehouse, they were $3 for pack of 4, a real bargain.
 We had a great afternoon, there was lots of laughter and smiles all round.
I will be back to show you the birthday card tomorrow.


  1. What an awesome party! My 6 year old would've just loved coming to that!

  2. Wow Helen what a cool party for Samuel. Wonder if my 10 year old is too old for a lego birthday party next birthday!

  3. Awesome idea, and wow you have done such a great job organising/making it all. I love the idea of the Lego Man and his smile game. A quirky twist on pin the tail on the donkey.

  4. looks like everyone had a great time cause you did such a FAB job with EVERTHING!!