Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Craft Creator Craft Day

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On Saturday Craft Creators held their annual Craft Day.
(I told you briefly on Sunday about it)
I have had the privilege of been the card tutor at Craft Creators for the last 18 months.
I have come to know the ladies very well and love them dearly.
I have had to give this up at the end of last term, with our move to Christchurch happening.
I have left the ladies in the very capable hands of the talented Alison Hydes.
I was invited back for Saturday fo the  Craft Day.
I made 6 cards for the ladies to made.
   They loved them, I will blog bout them in the next few days (Betsy's Blossoms Christmas Card see HERE).
 This the lovely Karen Tarbottom, she is the leader of Craft Creators.
 These ladies are making the Betsy's Blossoms Christmas Card.
 These Ladies are making the Piano Card.
These ladies are making Pleasant Poppies Sympathy Card.
 Here the ladies are trying their hands at Mosaics.
 Here they are making Felted Cupcakes.
Here are the knitters and crocheters.
In the afternoon some of the ladies made Christmas Picture Frames, sorry I forgot to get photos of this.
The talented Sonia Cullen was the tutor for them.
It was a great day.

On the house front, we are under offer again.
If this works out as planned we will be in Christchurch at the end of this term (27th September).
It is a cash offer, they need a LIM and builders report (coming through Saturday), so in 10 - 15 day hopefully we will be sold.
So the house hunting in Christchurch starts.

I will try to get back tomorrow to detail another of the cards from Saturday.
Have a great day today.

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