Sunday, August 18, 2013


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Hi, I know it's been awhile since you have seen me blogging. Our life has been in turmoil, and we are in limbo. Paul (DH) from last December has been working 3 weeks out of 4 in Christchurch and coming home on weekends.He was on contract to Chubb, in March they starting to talk about how he would be good on their team (no job offer). We didn't give it much thought at that time, A month later Paul was offered a job. At first I was apposed to it, even though all our family is in chch.
After much prayer we decided that it would be the right move for us as a family. So  The big decrapping of our house began and 3 weeks later we had the house on the market. Paul started working for Cubb a month later. Our plans were that the house would sell and Savannah (DD), Samuel (youngest son) and me would join him in the July holidays, Darian (DS) was going to board with friends for the rest of the year to finish his school year. 
But our plans were not in line with God's plans.
We have had 2 good offers on the house but have both fallen thought due to finance, so we are still here in Timaru. I am just waiting in God's peace and waiting for his timing and it will all work out for his purpose.
I found this on facebook the other day it spoke to us.
Disappointment are just God's way of saying,
I've got something better.
So be patient,
have faith and live your life.
As I am typing this our agent is coming over soon with an offer, we will see if it is meant to be then all well and good, so I hope their will be good news soon.
I don't like living like this but it is only for a short season and we will be a proper family again soon.
So with all this going on blogging was not a priority.

Yesterday I was crafting in Geraldine at the Craft  Creators Craft Day, I had 6 cards for the ladies to choose from.
Its Betsy's Blossoms Christmas Card.
The colours are Gumball Green and Raspberry Ripple.
This proved a very popular card with the ladies.
It is cased from a pin on pinterest. 
I will be back tomorrow with another card from yesterday.
Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.

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  1. Hello Helen,Good to see you blog again. Fingers crossed and praying this time offer will go through. Hang in their.