Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can You Believe.....

..That another week is nearly over, and a busy one at that.
I had a Team Meeting in CHCH on Tuesday evening, I love been part of the team it's like joining a great big family when you join up with Stampin' Up! If you would like to become part of the Stampin' Up family email me to join my team.
Monday I was preparing for a workshop that evening, finishing swaps and preparing for the WOW I presented at the meeting.
Here's my swap I made.
Tuesday I drove to CHCH returned the refugee, caught up with family and attended the Team Meeting.
Wednesday I picked up 2 Canaries from Savannah's Godparent's to bring home for the kids. 
They had told me the cage was big, but it was very big. We drive a Nissan Serena, to get the cage in we had to put up the back seats, half turn the middle seat and unbolt the dolly seat and seat beats (major operation, I'm glad Mark hadn't already gone to work, as he was our skillful surgeon ) Thanks Mark.
They are beautiful birds a male and female, Darian has named the male 'McLovit' (don't know were that came from) and Savannah has named the girl 'Sunny' as she is a lovely yellow.
Julie gave us all the seed, grit and nesting materials, Sunny is wanting to build a nest so the kids are looking on with keen interest.
I arrived home an hour before I had to be at School for Kids Club, which I still had to prepare for.
Here's the cards the kids did yesterday, Savannah made these two.
They used Choo Choo Stampset, and had to draw their own track because in the quick turn around I left the wheel at home.
They used Butterfly Prints and Oval All stampsets and the punches to match.
So I was pretty tired by the end of the day.
Today was a beautiful day here so I have spent the day in the garden.
I will show the team swaps in the next few days.


  1. Thanks Jessica, I meant Refugee I have fixed it.
    I don't think you had to referee much.

  2. Wow, Helen - you're Wonder Woman! No wonder you were tired at the end of the day! You're so good doing the kids club craft; I bet they love it.