Friday, September 17, 2010

Silent Auction

Today Savannah and Samuel had a Red and Black Mufti Day at school.
There was also a Bale Sale Silent Auction, all the proceeds are going to be sent to an Earthquake Damaged School in Canterbury.
We were asked to 'Get our cooking aprons on, dust off our best cookbooks and bake up a storm'.
I baked a Chocolate Cake. There were loaves, lots of chocolate cakes, lolly cake, all sorts of different cakes.
There were two very inventive ladies who baked EQ Cakes (I wished I had my camera).
One was a house with cracks, fallen chimney and broken fence.
Here is the second cake, that we won in the auction baked by Kylie.
They made my cake look very boring.
I bet Kylie had fun making this.
It is a Chocolate and Coffee Cake and Gingerbread buildings, and it is very very yummy.
Look at the the men with hi vis vests, Kylie said this man is Bob Parker and the man under rubble is Jim Anderton (but I didn't say that).
 Isn't Kylie clever.


  1. How gorgeous! And for a good cause too. What a lovely idea.

  2. love it!!! what a great idea for a cake!

  3. Fantastic cake and for a good cause. I'm still giggling (Jim Anderton)

  4. What a great idea and yummy to eat.

  5. That looks so cool! Mum said she won't do that for mm after the quake party, as they already tormented as it is LoL.