Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deck The Halls

Christmas isn't coming fast enough for Samuel my 5 year old, he has been been asking when is coming for quite some time now and wanting the tree up.
We had told him my birthday was first, and we don't put up the tree until after then.
So last night we put up the tree.
Paul put the lights on the tree, then Savannah and Samuel got into the spirit of it, put the decorations on.
I remember the fun of decorating the tree as child
 Our tree has lots of decorations, we don't stick to a particular colour scheme.
Santa puts a new decoration in the kids stocking every year and there are all the homemade decorations that have been made at Kindy and School over the years, so there is a far bit of reminising.
Here is the finished tree, Samuel is giving it the thumbs up.
After we finished decorationing it, we went for a drive to look at the Christmas Lights.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a magical family moment Helen. There is something beautiful in the fervour that the kids attack the decorating the tree with. We are slack and still have not got ours up yet...may have to wait til next w'end as we have dance performances and Santa pics...etc etc etc.... ooxx

  2. Oh bless! I said the same thing, Helen - "Not 'til after my birthday"! We'll probably do ours tomorrow afternoon. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing them with us.