Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Affair

Oh boy what a busy week, and I have had issues with camera batteries also that why I haven't blogged lately.
We have sorted the batteries and the camera is all up and running again.
Last weekend Paul, Savannah and I got three classrooms curtains out of four finished for Timaru Christian School.
 I had to unpick the side to join them together.
 After I had sewn them together, Paul and Savannah measured and cut then pinned the hem.
Then I would sew the hems.
It was a real marathon, I'm pleased the bulk of them are done, the remaining classroom has issues so it with wait a few weeks, as I have Regional Seminar next Saturday in Dunedin and I haven't even started my swaps or name badge. Since it was my idea at the last regional I went to, make our name badges I had better get mine done.
I was so grateful of the help, Paul and Savannah gave me there was just no way I could have done it by myself.
Thanks Guys, you are awesome.


  1. What a fabulous team effort! Well done, guys!

  2. It's great when everyone helps. Maybe I will show this to my family.