Friday, February 18, 2011

School Project

Here is a project that I have been working on for Samuel's classroom, Year 1 and New Entrants at Timaru Christian School.
Mrs Thompson (Linda) has always done a whose who board on the wall outside of her classroom, with photos of the children, I was talking to her earlier in the week and she said that she would like to put the photos in a faux frame.
I told her that I had something in mine, so that day I had a play with Sahara Sand and Garden Green Card Stock and Sahara Sand Ink and Woodgrain Large Background Stamp.
Here is what I came up with.
Linda was so thrilled, so I made another 11 last night. She is hoping to get them up on the wall over the weekend.
I have added a Owl on each frame to finish it, isn't it sooo cute.


  1. Helen, that frame looks fabulous. What a neat idea! (Samuel is very cute too! What a beautiful smile!) They'll be loving you at school, won't they?

  2. What a lovely idea. You're so clever.

  3. what a great idea it looks so real. Love the owl.

  4. How cool are these frames Helen!! Waht a great idea, I bet she can't wait to get them up on the wall. The kids are gonna flip!

  5. I think I know your Mrs Thompson!!!....Tell her "Hello" from her niece in Wellington :)

  6. Too cool Helen....and what a FAB idea Mrs Thompson. The woodgrain finish looks excellent...and of course perfectly finished off by the handsome chap in the pic.