Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog Award

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The other day Sharna Russell awarded me with a blog award, to celebrate her reaching 5000 hits on her blog.
Go and check out her blog HERE.
I haven't been very good at blogging lately, so I feel very honoured and it got me motivated to post.
Thanks Sharna.
The rules for this award
* Thank the person who gave you this award
* paste the award to your blog
* Link the person who nominated you for this award
* Nominate as many other bloggers for this wonderful award as you like
* Post links to their blogs

My chosen award recipients are:


  1. Thanks Helen...what a sweetheart. My actual blog addy is
    I shall definitely pass it on. Know that you inspire so many.....far and wide. ooxx

  2. this is the cutest blog award ever. thank you for the honor :) hugs, mary

  3. Thanks so much Helen! Smooches!

  4. Thankyou so much Helen. Love your blog too as you are great inspiration to me as well.