Saturday, March 12, 2011

2, 5, 7,10 Bag

Every Monday at Crafters Anonymous there is an Online Class.
They are great, we all gather in the chat room and the fun begins.
A few weeks ago Tia Routledge took the class and everyone made beautiful 2, 5, 7,10 bags.
Unfortunately I couldn't make it that night.
I found a tutorial and here is what I made.
 I made 2 of these for Jerry and Mr Goulet who went looking for Samuel, when he decided to scoot home from School last week.
I made this birthday card and bag for Hadleigh, a friend from church who celebrates his birthday the same day as Samuel. 
Samuel thought as they share their birthdays, they would be the same age.
Hadleigh is a father of 3 beautiful girls and the fourth  baby is on the way.
When I told Samuel that as Hadleigh has a 6 year old himself that he must be older that, so now Samuel thinks he is 16, Hadleigh is very flattered and now agrees with him.
If you would like to join us in the Online Classes at Crafters Anonymous, contact me and I will get you an invitation to CA.


  1. Krásné,přeji hezký víkend..

  2. I love these creations Helen. Fantastic job. I esp love the card and thos delicate waves.What did you edge scrape to get that effect?? Great gift for a chap. ooxx