Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I have lost a whole week somewhere..
That's what it feels like anyway.
Last Monday my Niece Jessica came and stayed with us, we enrolled her at Mountain View High School as her School was closed (she wanted to keep up with her school work) and at that stage there was no reopening date, (she went home on Friday with my parents as her school opened today).
So on Tuesday she started, then after school we had to register her as a refugee.
Wednesday was Samuel's 6th Birthday (our youngest).
Mum and Dad came down for a few days, they went to Keas with Samuel.
I made his card on the day while he was at school, when I got to school (a bit late) Samuel and Jacob who I picking up, were not at school.
He had decided as he was a big 6 year old he could scoot home (New Scooter Birthday Present).
Jerry and Mr Goulet (parent and teacher) got in their cars to look for them, Mr Goulet found them, they were almost home.
I said it was funny (after the event) as a reward they got a ride back to school in a teachers car then I took them through the Scenic Reserve looking for Jerry as I didn't have his cellphone number.
When we finally got home on the doorstep was a birthday cake from the radio station.
Grandma Barbara always put the kids birthdays on the birthday calls and he won the cake.
It was a very yummy cake, and it meant the the ice cream cake that was in the freezer could be saved for the party that we had on Saturday.
Anyway back to the card.
It is a Moving Circle Card, Patrice Halliday-Larsen showed us how to make these at the Dunedin Regionals.
Go check out her blog HERE.
Samuel loves his trains so of course I had to use 'Choo Choo' Stamp Set.
You move the tab and the train starts backing up.
I also used 'Create a Cupcake' Stamp Set (sneak peek from Autumn- Winter Mini) available from 1st April.
I used Cherry Cobbler, Marina Mist and So Saffron Colour Combo.
If you would like to know how to make this card contact me.


  1. Gorgeous card Helen. I can think of so many boys that would just love a train card like Samuel's.

    I'm not surprised you feel like you've lost a week. I'm feeling tired just reading about it all.

  2. Congrats on a cracker of a card Helen. I am sure it was a massive hit with young Samuel. The colours are PERFECT. The card itself is an engineering marvel.
    As for the disappearing weeks...sadly it's an affliction suffered by all Mums!! I blink and lose a month...we are in MARCH already for goodness sakes!! breathe in...out...and repeat. I am also glad that Samuel survived his scooter odessey. ooxx