Monday, March 28, 2011


Samuel has been back at school today.
I did have him at the doctor's first thing this morning, we weren't sure on the colour of his gums.
The doctor has put him on a course of antibiotics because there is the start of an infection, but he is otherwise feeling a lot better.
Then he was off to school, much to his disguest he had enjoyed been home with Mum.
 These are the first photos since the accident, he wouldn't let me take any before now.
He asked me to take some photos of his trains.
 He is very clever with building his tracks, look how he has made a viaduct out of some wooden blocks.
The fabric is the beach and sea, and in the front he has barges with wood and money cargo.
 After his accident we had been singing 'All I Want For Christmas is my Four Front Teeth'.
He wasn't impressed and said he wants 'Emily' (a green express train from Thomas and Friends), he told us that he couldn't play with his teeth. Can't beat that logic can you?
Do you like his T-shirt? It says "My Dad Knows A Lot, But My Mum Knows Everything!
A big thanks to all your kind comments and prayers, they are very much appreciated.


  1. Awww! Poor wee button! I'm so pleased he was well enough to get back to school. What a fab train set! matthew loves his trains too, it really is the "every day" toy in our house.

  2. I think every boy needs a Thomas set. (Here, we have two!) Thank you for letting Mum share the pictures of your fabulous railway, Samuel - it looks awesome. I hope your mouth heals fast, and we're praying that your adult teeth will be fine. Love to you all. xxoo

  3. Oh no!! What's been going on here - I've missed out the whole accident story! Poor Samuel, but he looks cheerful and I'm sure is being very brave. Please tell him Mrs Clevely gave him a big thumbs up for being so clever with his card!

  4. My Master 10 LURVES your Thomas set. He still plays with his. I am so very glad that you are on the mend young Samuel....looks like both you and your Mum have been through the wringer!! As long as your insides weren't hurt badly...the outside will heal quickly. ooxx