Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quest Artist

Samuel Williams
(our 6 year old)
Samuel and I  have had 3 days Mummy time this week.
He is healing slowly after accident last Friday.
He went to school on Monday and Tuesday, but came home on Tuesday very lethargic, and hot and cold.
Wednesday I saw the nurse for my flu shot (that time of year), so she looked him over and said his gums were looking good so thought it was delayed shock.
His lips have nasty cracks and he wasn't eating a lot, drinking through a straw, I found some tiny teaspoons so he has been living on spaghetti, jellies and yoghurt's and soft food cut up small, he has developed a technique were he pops his food on his tongue then flings it to the side of his mouth were he has teeth.
He has started eating more and talking about going back to school.
We have had a great 3 days we have played board games and made cards together, just the 2 of us.
Here is the Get Well Card he has made for Grandpa (a friend from Waimate who has been in hospital this week).
He has used 'Choo Choo' stamp set, that probably is no surprise if you know him he is train mad or should I say obsessed.
 He is very creative, not sure were he gets that from LOL.
I think he has made a fantastic job, he takes in everything that I do, take a look at his flowers, he has used the Bam Technique that I used for the first time yesterday.
He knew that he had to use the lighter colour first before the darker colour (isn't he clever, I'm biased) without been told.
He was looking in through my stamp sets looking for sea stamp, so I showed him  how to use the edge of the stamp pad to make the sea, then he finished it of with sprinkles as he called it.
He asked me to blog this for him, he would be stoked if you leave him a comment.


  1. Awesome card Samuel. You are as talented as your mum. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Well done Samuel. I love your card. There's nothing like crafting to perk you up when you are feeling down.

  3. Samuel, you are a wee star! Your card rocks. I'm glad you had a couple of days to look after Mum for us; I'm sure you did a great job! Hope you're feeling better now that you're back at school. Big hugs, gorgeous boy. xxoo

  4. Hi Samuel, I love the card you made, great job! I'm pleased you're feeling better. Love Aunty Heather xoxo

  5. Samuel...what a talent....Mum had better watch out!!!! I love your take on the BAM technique. Thius card would make the sickest person feel better instantly. Well done. ooxx