Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 8 - 13 Photo A Day Challenge

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I have been managing to take my Photo A Day and posting it on Facebook, but struggling to get it blogged.
January 8th - From a low angle.
Savannah (DD) and I went for a drive (she is learning to drive).
She drove to Governors Bay, so she could do some hill practice, we had a lovely lunch at She Chocolat.
 January 9th - Colourful
We went to Imagination Station, were you can play with all the Lego.
Best of all it is free and well worth a trip into town, there is lots of lego and they are waiting on a huge shipment.
 January 10th - Bright
In Christchurch there is a Giraffe trail, we are having fun seeing all the giraffes.
This one we saw from the Tram, he was such a lovely bright orange.
 January 11th - In between
I nearly forgot the photo, when I remembered I was at work.
So I went outside and took this photo of the green tree between the 2 red trees

January 12th - Texture
We had a ride up in the Christchurch Gondola, we had a walk around outside up the top and I found this bush growing amongst the grasses.
 January 13th - Ordinary
I struggled with this photo.
Yesterday was the night back at Quiz night, I go every Tuesday so I took the photo of the booklet that we write answers on.

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