Thursday, April 28, 2011

True or False?

Do Blonde's have more fun?
I visited the hairdresser on Tuesday for my 6 weekly haircut, I don't know when I lasted coloured it.
In Hairdressing terms a virgin head of hair.
Yesterday I was back to visit the hairdresser, they had Kim from Schwarzkopf Professionals visit for a training day and I was one of the models. 
Kim was so excited to have a virgin to work with.
 Three hours later a full head of foils and a full colour wash this is the end result.
Its a big change, I like it Paul is now calling me Blondie.
What do you thoink? Please be honest I have broad shoulders.
I now need to update my profile photo which one should I use?


  1. Wowsers....big change young lady. I love the cut definitely....suits you down to the ground!! Can't really make an informed judgement abt the colour cause the only real pic I have seen of you was your small blog one. I have been blonde myself (back in the 80's as a 16yo) and I think it is something that a brunette shd try. You go get 'em Blondie!! ooxx

  2. WOOHOO! Look at YOU! Sexy chick! I like the second photo, it's great. Let me know if blondes have more fun - I may have to try it myself! :-)

  3. Wow - you look so much younger - nice hair cut and a great looking colour - I really need a hair cut too - not so sure I'd go blonde though - you were pretty brave.

  4. oh Helen, you definately look younger. Woozers, I have just gone from blonde to brunette, people take me way to seriously now though....

  5. You look at least 10 years younger Helen. Couldn't believe it's the same woman. I love the style and the colour. It really, really suits you. I am a bit of a hair style freak so my opinion really does count! Pam (pcregeen)

  6. You look fab they did a beautiful job Helen. I sooooo need a haircut

  7. Absolutely stunning Helen!! I love it and totally agree - you do look younger! If I could be guaranteed such an amazing result I'd go blond too! And, the cut is great. When are they coming to Auckland and do they need a model?

  8. Wow Helen.That colour and style really suit you.Good on you for changing.

  9. wolf whistle!!!!! Your new 'do' is AWESOME and I agree with everyone else, it makes you look years younger