Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day in the Garden

Today is Paul's (DH) last day holiday, he is back to work tomorrow.
So we spent the afternoon in the garden, weeding and Harvesting.
 I will be blanching Cauliflower and bottling Beetroot.
 We have been eating Salad Veges for sometime now and our Broccoli was delicous.
 The Corn, Red Cabbages and Potatoes are coming along nicely.


  1. What a fabulous harvest! Your garden does you proud, Helen. Isn't it sad that the husbands are back to work tomorrow? Nigel is back tomorrow too. And there's still another month of school holidays.... :-)

  2. Crikey Helen....what a veritible feaster's paradise for a Vegetarian....YUMMO!!!! It all looks sooooooooooo delectable. I struggle with anything botanical...so I doff my cap to you!! ooxx