Monday, January 17, 2011

Inside Story

Samuel wanted to make Jacob's birthday card, so we came to an agreement that I would do the outside which I blogged HERE and he would do the inside and the wrapping paper to match.
 Here's Samuel writing in the card.
 He chose the colours and had fun creating.
 Here's the wrapping paper and envelope.
Samuel had a great time at the party as did all the kids.
Yesterday we had a picnic at Caroline Bay, with a few families from church, we had a fab time.
It was very hot, the kids swam and the adults had chance to catch up.
Here is a few photos of the Miniature Ponies that were there yesterday.
2 weeks today the kids will be back at school, I'm in the middle of covering the books.
I will be back to show you them soon.
Have a great day.


  1. So nice to see your boy into craft! He did such a great job too.

  2. Awesome job! Love the look on his face - pure concentration.

  3. My heartstrings were tugged seeing Samuel making the card. Please pass on my congrats to him on a FANTASTIC card. The ponies are so sweet.