Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun at the Carnival

We are very lucky to live in Timaru, NZ.
Right on our door step (5 mins drive) we have Caroline Bay.
Its a fantastic place to visit, the Beach is a great, Exercise Circuit, fabulous Playground and Paddling Pool. free BBQ s, Aviary and Rose Garden.
Best of all at this time of year Caroline Bay Carnival, which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.
There's rides, sideshows, a circus, talent shows, Miss Caroline Bay and daily concerts with Artists like Suzanne Prentice, Black Velvet Irish Band, Ray Woolf, Suzanne Lynch and Eddie Low to name a few. It's all great fun.
Today my Mum, Dad, Sister and Niece came from Christchurch for the day, we had lunch together then we went down to the Carnival, then back here for a BBQ before they head back home.
Darian on the Ferrari 500, he loves these and Samuel can't wait till he is big enough.
Samuel on Thomas Train, this is very popular with the young boys especially.
Darian and Savannah on the Chair-o-planes, this would have been my favorite ride as a child.
Samuel and myself on the Ferris Wheel.
We all had a fun day.
The photographer today is my Dad, thanks Dad for the photos.
The Carnival runs till the 9th January, it's well worth a visit pack a picnic and enjoy a great day.
To check the programme for the carnival go check there website HERE

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  1. Great photos Helen! We've had some awesome weather recently. :-) I must head down tot he Bay soon with the whanau.