Sunday, January 2, 2011

In the Mood For Sewing

Just before Christmas my friend Deidre dropped of several boxes of fabric and old patterns, she was having a big sort out.
I'm in 7th heaven as I'm a Fabric Alcoholic.
Savannah and I have been through the boxes and decided what we are keeping.
Friday we went into town for a pattern for a dress for Savannah, she has always loved her dresses.
She helped me with the cutting out and I did the sewing.
The fabric for this dress is just beautiful, she got lots of comments about it today at church, out of a strip of a scrap we made a scarf which she has used in her hair.
Savannah has also made a very simple skirt nearly all by herself. She is very pleased with it and is very keen to do some more.
Here is the PJ's I have for Samuel. He is so pleased with them that he said he has the smartest PJ's in Timaru.
I still have 2 more to sew for him.
Thanks Deidre.


  1. WOW.....are you the speediest sewer in the world??? These are beautiful Helen. I love the tones in the dress. She looks so grown up. The PJ's rock too. Sadly my machine sits v v neglected ith material and pattern #'s in with the fabric so I can recall what I was gunna make with them. You are very lucky to be able to share your love of sewing with Savannah...and she can carry on ur mantle. Awesome work helen. ooxx

  2. What lovely colours for the dress.You're so clever.

  3. Wow, Helen! He has the smartest PJs in New Zealand! I love Savannah's dress too - aren't you a clever cookie?