Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flax Flowers

On Thursday afternoon Samuel, Savannah and me visited Mrs Herd (teacher aid at school).
Samuel watched a Thomas video, and Joy showed Savannah and me how to weave flax flowers.
 Since then Savannah and Jessica (cousin) went to the park and got more flax, Jessica showed Savannah how to made a different flax flower.
Savannah has been so keen she has done a google search to find some more flax projects.
So there has been a hive of activity weaving flax.
Here's a vase I got for Christmas, my family have been quite rude about it and saying that they are test tubes and asking were is my bunsen burner. 
Now I have put flax flowers into it.
Thanks Joy.


  1. Families say the darndest things!! Love the flowers. My daughter recently went through a stint of making these too and I have a vase full of them in my lounge. I think they look great - and I don't have to remember to water them, lol

  2. Nice to see you have found something for your Test Tubes :) hehe

  3. These look amazing Helen...and all from Flax....I learn so much fm you and ur posts. the texture in them is amazing.