Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Mounties In The House Now.

Today is the first day back to school for most children here in New Zealand, after there summer holidays.
Both Savannah and Samuel were back today and Darian goes back on Wednesday.
For Savannah it's her first day a Mountain View High School, kids that go to Mountain View are known as 'Mounties'.
 Off course I had the camera out (don't we all), she looks very smart in her uniform.
It's a nice uniform, the skirt is nice. No heavy kilt like in my days at high school.
 They had to wear full uniform today. 
She was very keen to start High School, a new chapter in her life.
She is growing into a very nice young lady, she turns 13 this coming weekend.
We are loving the special times we have with her.
 Off she goes, no she doesn't walk, I took her today and she will bike from now on.
I wanted the photo, so I can Scrapbook it.
 Outside the school.

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  1. Such an important moment in anyone's life, but recognition for a Mother that one stage in their child's life has closed and another has begun. She looks so dapper Helen and I can hear the pride in your words. I wish her all the best, ooxx