Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In a Pickle

Today has been wet here in Timaru, so the kids have been watching DVDs and I have been in a pickle.
I drove to Temuka this morning and bought 15kg of Tomatoes and Blackberries for Jam.
Here's just some of them.
There is 2kgs in the ice cream container for Relish and in the Box there is 6kg for Soup.
4 Jars of Relish, it is very tasty with a bit of a kick, might have something to do with the Chillies in it.
Here's the soup which I will freeze for the winter.
In the stockpot is Tomato Sauce boiling away, Darian (nearly 15 year old son) was not looking forward to the sauce as the last time I made (at least 4 years ago) it he didn't like it, but we have friends who will only buy Watties and they loved it. He tried it this afternoon as it was cooking and said he liked it, isn't it funny how our taste buds change as we get older.
In the smaller pot is the Blackberry Jam.
I got 7 1/2 bottles of Tomato Sauce, 5 1/2 jars of Blackberry Jam and 3 Jars of Bottled Beetroot which I did first thing this morning.
It was a great day to get all this done as it wasn't too hot.
Tomorrow I'm going to have a go at making my own Dishwasher Powder and Washing Powder, I got the recipes from 'Barrel Talk' Bin Inn Magazine, go check out the recipes online.
I also have to get 2 cards made tomorrow.
See you then.


  1. Its so good to see someone making their own preserves, jams, etc. I have made my own sauce and tomato soup for years. Funny as my kids never liked homemade sauce!!! I usually buy my tomatoes when they are ready and throw them in the freezer until winter when its cooler!!!

  2. What a hive of activity at your place, Helen! Good on you. Far too hot to think about preserving here in Auckland, so I'll admire your efforts instead!

  3. You can keep the chillies....but WOW to the rest. you sure have a house that's a hive of activity!!! let's just hope when Winter hits you'll be as toasty on the outside as you will on the inside with that soup!!!